Technology Which Simplifies Managing A Bar


Reduce order-taking time and speed up service with the ChilliPOS Restaurant POS application Cloud-based system for taking orders quickly and easily. Any smartphone or Tablet along with a ChilliPOS login that let bartenders move around and take orders on busy weekends easily. With ChilliPOS, the best bar and restaurant billing software in Kolkata, you can take advantage of improved efficiency, and better customer service. Why not try ChilliPOS today? Take trials for Free!

Bar and Restaurant Billing Software
ChilliPOS Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Having a hard time keeping track of your bar’s sales and promotions? ChilliPOS is here to help! Our restaurant POS application is designed to boost your bar’s brand recall to regular customers. Customers will be eager to visit the bar more often to take advantage of the great deals on offer and to try out new cocktails that they may not have otherwise considered.

Captain Performance Reporting

Every bar owner knows that finding and keeping good wait staff is essential to success. ChilliPOS helps take the guesswork out of staffing by allowing you to track server performance. With ChilliPOS, you can see who upsells the most, who is the most efficient at taking orders, and who your best servers are in real-time. Try ChilliPOS today and manage all of your Captains’ performances.

Bar and Restaurant Billing Software
online restaurant billing software

Table Reservation System

Reduce the burden on your staff and ensure a great customer experience by using our table reservation system. By using our table reservation system, customers will be able to check the availability of tables and reserve them without having help from the staff. An online table reservation system will reduce the number of missed bookings, and keep customers happy. Try ChilliPOS for free today!

Customized Billing (grouping by food/liquor, split bills)

Have you been trying to find a bar and restaurant billing software in Kolkata that can help you with different ways to split the bill? ChilliPOS is the application for you! Not only does it split and categorize the bill, but it also helps you with different ways to pay! With our app, you can quickly and easily make the bill from your tab or smartphone.

online restaurant billing software
Bar and Restaurant Billing Software

Kitchen Display System

Do you manage a bar or club? Do you find it difficult to keep track of all orders and ensure that they are promptly processed in the kitchen? ChilliPOS is a bar POS application that can help you overcome these challenges. Send orders to the appropriate work surfaces to avoid ambiguity. Get in touch with the ChilliPOS application now and take a demo today!