Your Cloud Kitchen’s Cloud Technology

Order Control Online

Restaurateurs are using outdated methods to manage their inventory and take orders! ChilliPOS offers an innovative way to streamline your restaurant’s operations. By automating the order, ChilliPOS frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. With ChilliPOS, you can easily mark food as ready. Try ChilliPOS today and see how it can help your restaurant run like a well-oiled machine!

restaurant order management app
POS Software for Cloud Kitchen

Central Kitchen

Restaurant owners looking for a way to manage their stocks? With the ChilliPOS restaurant POS application, you can manage stock transfers, request raw materials, and track inventory levels from a central location. This makes it easier to trail your inventory and ensure that your outlets are always stocked and ready to serve customers. Try out the ChilliPOS application and see the difference it makes!

Own Website

You know that making a lasting impression is essential to keeping customers returning. ChilliPOS is the perfect restaurant POS application for your cloud kitchen! With high quality images and customer reviews, ChilliPOS will make your food look great and keep your customers coming back for more. We offer a trial so you can see for yourself how our POS system can help your business.

ChilliPOS Restaurant POS Software
POS Software for Cloud Kitchen

Raw Material Management

If you’re looking for a way to automate your cloud kitchen’s raw material management, then you need to check out ChilliPOS, the best POS software for cloud kitchen in Kolkata. With ChilliPOS, you can automate these processes and get alerts when stock is low. This way, you can keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently! Wouldn’t it be great to have a raw material management application that takes care of everything for you?

Customer Relationship Management

Are you looking for a way to bring customers back? See your repeat orders grow as you stay top of mind. Attract customers back to your restaurant with offers. Maximize customer satisfaction to encourage repeat business. Use ChilliPOS to manage your restaurant’s POS needs and make it easy to stay top of mind with your customers. Don’t wait, try ChilliPOS application today and start retaining your customers!

ChilliPOS Feedback


If you’re tired of customers complaining about your restaurant on public platforms, then you need ChilliPOS. With our restaurant POS application, you can give customers a chance to vent their frustrations directly to you, so you can understand what needs to be improved. Plus, our friendly tone of voice will make them feel heard and valued. Use ChilliPOS today and address your customers’ concerns.